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The prices below are pre 1st March 2021 price rise

All catalogue prices have increased by 10% due to the price

and availability of steel.

Rose Pillar

1900 mm x 460 mm Dia.


Kangaroo Sculpture

H 1200mm x W 1200mm
Raw steel finish

$360.00 each

‘Moon Shadow’ Sculpture

1200mm Dia with plinth

Rust Finish




‘Lilly Pad’ Sculpture

1100 mm Dia.


Large Double Gate

Powder coat finish



Steel Planter

1000 mm diameter x 400 mm high
Other sizes can be made to order




Steel Planters

1400 diameter x 1200mm high
$1,200.00 SOLD


900 diameter x 400 mm high SOLD
800 diameter x 520mm high SOLD
700 diameter x 500mm high
$220.00 each



Ring Wood Holder

1000mm Diameter




Tree Seat

To fit tree 350mm dia
Powder coated Satin Black


Other sizes available POA