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“Look what I've caught sis”

Says Billy thrusting a squirming
yabbie towards Emma.
“ I’ve had a good catch today”
He claims excitingly.
But I can see one escaping.
Billy look out!

Each print is a limited edition from an original art work by the Australian artist Catherine Tait.

Available from Chapman's Frames and gifts

“Bedtime Stories”
“Just one more story please Grandma”

Billy and Emma, the Bloomfield twins love to hear their favorite stories before they snuggle up in bed.
They climb onto Grandma Bloomfield ‘s knee by the fire, she cuddles them and reads, or sometimes tells them stories of long ago.

“Uncle Ted in the Tub”
“I’m just singing in the rain”

UncleTed enjoys his Sunday soak.
He scrubs for what seems like hours. He has had a very busy day working in the garden and doing the odd jobs around his little cottage. 

“Sitting Pretty”

The butterflies are dancing,
the pretty flowers are nodding in the warm sun.
A lovely garden for little Emma
to sit and  day dream.

“Young Anzac”

Billy's Uncle Ted has lots of treasures in a big trunk.
Every year Uncle Ted gets out his army coat and hat for Billy to wear. Uncle Ted marches in the big parade. Billie creates his own parade of brave toys.
“Company halt”

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