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Curriculum Vitae
Catherine Tait     P.O. Box 274 Castlemaine Vic 3450 Ph 54725120

Catherine Taught  watercolour, pastel, drawing and conducts workshops for art societies Woodend and Sunbury as well as in her private studio located in Castlemaine

Winner of over 20 awards including highly commended:
Winner sculpture award 08,10,
Winner of 3 awards at the prestiges Camberwell Rotary Art Show Melbourne: 1999, 2003, 2007
Short listed for the James Farrell self portrait prize 2001

Twelve Solo Exhibitions and numerous joint exhibitions in Castlemaine Bendigo Melbourne & Sydney
Commissioned illustration and portrait work for America and Malaysia 2000-2002
Commissioned portraits of wine makers in the King River Valley including John Charles Brown (Brown Bros. Winery) 2002
Artist in residence Buda Castlemaine 1997

Noted collections:
Latrobe University collection
Talans private collection
Camberwell Rotary collection
Stonemans Trust private collection
During the period of 1986 through to the present time exhibited in the following galleries
Phantechnican  Daylesford
Buda Castlemaine
Custom House Warrnambool
Capricorn Galleries Melbourne
Convert Galleries Daylesford

April 2014                EMSLA Coffs harbour and Parliament house Canberra pre selection
March 2014                Harcourt  winner of best local subject
March 2014                MANet portrait prize pre selection
March 2014                St Pauls Bendigo Winner of best exhibit
March 2014                Dandelong She exhibition Pre selection
November 2013        Len Fox Castlemaine Art Gallery pre selection
August 2013                Winner of affordable art section Flanagan Art award Ballarat        
March 2013                Solo Exhibition Aqua reflection Golden point res mural home studio
November 2012        Solo Exhibition Postcard from Italy home studio
March 2012                Winner best composition Bendigo Easter Rotary art show
December 2011        Eutick Memorial Still life Coffs Harbour Pre selection exhibition
November 2011        Hepburn springs Landscape prize 2nd*
November 2011        Castlemaine Art gallery  Len Fox
September 2011        Mornington Gallery
August 2011                Buda historical home heritage roses exhibition
July 2011                Coolangater Pre selection exhibition
June 2011                King river Valley Winner Best oil*
April 2011                Colleen art prize Pre selection exhibition
March 2011                Open studio Castlemaine State Festival
December 2010        Eutick Memorial Still life Coffs Harbour Pre selection exhibition
November 2011        Hepburn Springs Landscape First prize *
June 2010                Sutton grange Art Show Best sculpture 3D*
May 2010                Castlemaine Rotary Art Show Guest artist*
March 2010                ASV group exhibition International garden show
March 2009                Harcourt Art show Small works best in show*
November 2009        ASV group exhibition
November 2009         James Farrell Self Portrait Invitation only
October 2009         Eutick Memorial Still life Coffs Harbour Pre selection exhibition
June 2009                King River Valley group exhibition
May 2009                Castlemaine Rotary Art Show Best painting*
April 2009                Castlemaine State festival Solo Exhibition,  Open studio
March 2009                Harcourt Art show 9 x 5 Awarded best oil*
November 2008        ASV group exhibition Mulstanvat
October 2008         Eutick Memorial Still life Coffs Harbour Pre selection exhibition
June 2008                  King River Valley Awarded Best oil painting to value of $750*
June 2008                 Castlemaine Rotary art show Awarded Best sculpture *
November 2007          Buda Castlemaine Solo Exhibition
October 2007         Eutick Memorial Still life Coffs Harbour Pre selection exhibition
June 2007                 King River Valley Awarded Best oil painting to value of $500*
April 2007                 Camberwell Art Show Awarded Deans art supplies oil prize*
March 2007                 Castlemaine State festival Solo Exhibition
November 2006         Hyde Studio gallery Group Exhibition:
November 2005         James Farrell Self Portrait Invitation only
                        Sports focus Bendigo: Sportsperson portraits
                       Saffs Solo exhibition
November 2003         James Farrell Self Portrait Invitation only
May 2003                 Camberwell Rotary Awarded Best painting to the value of $500*
March 2003                 Castlemaine State festival Solo Exhibition 'Women of Substance'
March 2003                 Malaysia Commissioned Portrait Oil painting
                       Y.A.B. Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir bin Mohammed,
June 2002                 Castlemaine Rotary Art Highly commended *
January 2002         King River Valley Commissioned 10 portraits
November 2001         James Farrell Self Portrait Invitation only Short Listed, 2nd prize*
June 2001                 Castlemaine Rotary Art & Craft  Highly commended *
April 2001                 Camberwell Federation Art Show
March 2001                 Dominique Drawing Prize & Castlemaine State Festival
March 2001                 Harcourt Art exhibition Awarded Best Mixed medium*
March 2000                 Bendigo Rotary Art Show
June 2000                 Castlemaine Art & craft
April 2000                 Camberwell Art Show
March 1999                 Harcourt Art exhibition
March 2000                 Bendigo Rotary Art Show
April 1999                 Camberwell Art Show Awarded Talens pastel prize*
                       Castlemaine State Festival Solo exhibition
March 1999                Harcourt Art exhibition Awarded Best Mixed medium*
January 1998         Settler Design Design and painting of 8 prints for reproduction
June 1998                 Castlemaine Art Show
November 1997         Garden festival Solo Exhibition
May 1997                 Buda Historical Home Resident artist                        
November 1996         Dominique Drawing Prize & Castlemaine State Festival Togs Gallery
October 1996         Settler Design.  Design covers for stationary
January 1996         Artistic Collection Design and paint 6 collector china plates for reproduction by
                         RECO, USA
June 1995                 Castlemaine Art & Craft Show
November 1994         Castlemaine State Festival Solo exhibition
October 1994                Bloomfields of Melbourne Design and painting 6 limited edition Prints
June 1993                 Capricorn Galleries Melbourne Solo exhibition Autumn Duet
November 1993         Castlemaine Garden Festival Solo Exhibition
June 1993                 Castlemaine Rotary Arts and Crafts Exhibition
May 1993                 Capricorn Galleries Melbourne Solo Exhibition Autumn
November 1992         Federation House Solo Exhibition The Four Seasons
June 1992                 Castlemaine Art and craft exhibition
March 1992                 Market Museum 
June 1991                Waverly Art show Awarded best pastel painting*
November 1990        Goldfields Gallery.  Group exhibition
June 1990                 Castlemaine Rotary Art and craft exhibition
August 1989                 Castlemaine Art Gallery Group exhibition 9" x 5" (invitation only)
June 1989                 Castlemaine Art and Craft Exhibition
March 1989                 Bendigo Mara Students Exhibition Awarded Best Pastel*
November 1988        Dominique Drawing Prize  Awarded the Encouragement Award*        
October 1988                Bendigo Mara student Exhibition                        
June 1988                Castlemaine Art and Craft Exhibition 
October 1987                Bendigo Mara Student Exhibition 
August 1986                 Marybourgh Golden Wattle Festival Best Watercolour award *

Commission most welcome: portraits, family heirlooms and pets

Winner Deans art supplies
Camberwell Art Show
Winner Oil painting to value $750
King river Valley
Winner Best oil to value of $500
King River Valley
2007 & 2014
Winner Best paining to value $500
Camberwell Art Show
Recent sold paintings
Best painting of Castlemaine Rotary Show 09

Winner Oil painting to value $1000
King river Valley
Best painting of Hepburn Latrobe Landscape Prize 2010
2nd prize 2011 & 2017

Winner best Oil painting Maldon 2011
Winner best composition Bendigo Eater Rotary 2012
Winner best in show St Pauls Bendigo 2013
Winner best Local subject Harcourt 2014
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